I am

passionate about all kinds of languages, computer vision research, web and mobile technologies


When I was 15, I went to France for 2 months for an exchange program. Thanks to that, I am able to communicate with French people nowadays. I enjoyed it, so one year later I went to Texas, USA for a year abroad at a highschool. It was one of the most defining experiences of my life.

Then I moved to Munich and immersed myself in my undergraduate studies in computer science. After 2 years, I was finally able to get out again, so I went backpacking in Southeast Asia and was an exchange student in Singapore. When I came back after 9 months I went straight to Ireland for another 3 months of internship. Fun times!

I came back to Munich to finish my undergraduate studies and start my master's degree. But after another 2 years, I was able to get out again, this time to Tel Aviv, Israel, where I am currenlty doing an internship as well as studies as an exchange student.


I am currently working towards my master's thesis at the Computer Science department of Technische Universität München. This is where I also did my undergraduate research work, about which I wrote here.


Since my high school graduation in 2010, I have been working from time to time as a freelance web (JavaScript) and mobile (Android) developer to finance my travels.

I did several internships, the first one in 2009 for one week at a company that is now part of SAP, then again in 2011 at BrainLab, a medical company, another one in the summer of 2013 at Google in Dublin and right now I am in Tel Aviv at a company called EyeClick.

Also, I checked out some big German companies such as BMW and Siemens as a working student while I was in Munich.

I am still undecided what direction (research / self-employed / big company) to choose after finishing up with my studies.

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